How to feel safe when the feeling of fear still threatens many women who are victims of violence? The journey of Annie, who lived through domestic violence, led her to want to regain this lost confidence.
When someone close to her told her about self-defense training, she saw it as another step in “taking back control” of her life and making sure she was free from abuse.

Accompanied by retired policeman and self-defense teacher George Manoli, she tells how her lessons help her to deal with situations to which she can now give herself the right to react.

“I think it’s something good to experience [the course] in a controlled situation. [It’s better to end up] with someone who knows what they’re doing with you, [rather] than it happening on the street when mentally you’re not ready to act or react to what they happens. »

— A quote from George Manoli, retired policeman and self-defense teacher

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