Merci beaucoup

Les commentaires des femmes ont été unanimes. Elles ont grandement apprécié la formation. Elles sont fières d’elles. Pour beaucoup d’entre elles ce fut un dépassement de sois. Pour la dame qui a préféré se retirer du cours à cause de son passé qui revenait la hanter, elle nous a dit merci le lendemain parce qu’elle dit que ça lui avait fait réaliser qu’elle doit faire une thérapie et aller au bout des choses plutôt que de se faire croire que ce n’est jamais arrivé.

Merci encore une fois pour votre professionnalisme,

Magali Giroux
Coordonnatrice STTP

Dear George,

I can not thank you enough for the session you gave on us on Sunday, it was truly outstanding! I am so very glad I was able to provide my teens with your exceptional class!! My youngest daughter, for whom I had organized the class, found the session, and I quote, “Traumatizing, scary, fun and very useful!” We are all recovering from aches and pains and feeling a little proud, I would say. I will pass along your brochure to the gym teacher at Trafalgar School and see if we can get you into the curriculum. Many many many thanks!!
I have cc’ed our friend, who is organizing the over 60’s session on January 20th. 
I look forward to seeing you then.
With gratitude


George and David,
Thank you so much for such a great workshop!  Hands on, practical, realistic.  I hope no one ever has to use it.  But at least if we do we have a fighting chance. I feel better knowing the girls are equipped as they go abroad to school for the semester. I wish all the women in my life would take this course.

You do great work.  Keep it up.  You’re literally saving lives!

Have a great week.