Hi George,

First, I would like to thank you and your team for the experience you provided us. You were all very professional and made the course very comfortable although it was a very serious subject. I am sure what we learned at least one of us will use it.

It was amazing and all the girls spoke positively about their experience.

I believe, you guys truly make a difference for the women.

I will speak about our experience to our upper management.

PS: You did not lie about the pain. I feel so sore, all my muscles are so painful, but it was totally worth it.♥


Krystel DC

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Dear Mr. Manoli (father and son),

My family joins me in sincerely thanking you for the workshop we attended yesterday afternoon. We really appreciated the relevance of the content, particularly the assault simulations. Your professionalism, your experience and your sense of humor allowed us to spend an afternoon that was both pleasant and useful.

In short, we are all 4 delighted with the whole experience.

Thanks again for everything!

Good for you,

Julie N.


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Merci M. Manoli pour leur premier cours hier soir!

Avec les amis et Guillaume ils ont adoré et en parle ce matin encore. Cela va leur donner beaucoup de confiance et on voit qu’il a fallu beaucoup de répétitions pour que Guillaume maîtrise mieux les prises de bras. 

Votre habit d’attaquant est impressionnant. Ils n’auront peur de rien après cela!

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