Good morning George,

I just want to take this time to thank you and Robert for the super workshop you guys gave on Monday night at Collège Charlemagne.

This is the second workshop that my daughter and I have taken with you. The other one was in Beaconsfield several years back.
It is really great to take a refresher course. We always walk away with new tools to add to our toolbox.

As I wrote on Facebook Tuesday, Today, I am sore but my spirit soars with empowerment thanks to a fantastic
self-defence class given [by] George Manoli and Robert.

My daughter (Michelle) and I are truly tahnkfule for your passion in helping women defence themselves,

Have yourself a fantastic day,


Just so you are aware your work does not go forgotten. Today before my aerobics class I was talking to the instructor, some how we got onto self Defense. She remembered taking a course at Avon. Could not remember the instructors name but definitely remembered the walk to the bathroom. Then because someone else heard our conversation she mentioned that she had taken a course also with someone with the name of Mano or ……… I said Manoli and right away she said yes!!! We are talking about courses you gave 15+ years ago, they have not forgotten. Just so you know, what you do is not in vain. Hope you are enjoying your summer. 


Hi, it’s Angela, Joey’s mom,

I just wanted to say that the self-defence workshop you had tonight was excellent. Your message of ‘you can get out of a bad situation’ came though loud and clear. The fact that we did a lot of practical exercises helps us get rid of our ‘Oh, we have to be lady-like and try to talk our way out of it’ attitude. I learned that it’s okay to punch, kick and scream my way out of a potentially life threatening situation. With that, I know that I can take my power back from whoever is trying to take it away from me.

Another thing I wanted to mention, when you asked us if someone was trying to hurt our daughter, what would we do? You’re right. I would do anything to protect her so why wouldn’t I do everything in my power to protect myself from someone who is trying to hurt me?

Thank you for this. You are doing great work for the young girls and women of our city. Thank you also to your assistants.